Royal jelly

Royal Jelly is a creamy substance secreted by the hypopharyngeal glands of worker bees. It is intended to feed all the imperfect stages of the bee and is therefore called “bee milk”. The name “royal jelly” comes from the fact that the larvae is destined to become queens, as well as the adult queens, feed exclusively on a large amount of this food. In the ingredients of royal jelly exists the determining factor that transforms the bee from a worker to a queen.

Royal jelly is recommended for:

  • healthy people to prevent but also boost the immune system and memory
  • people with diseases or disorders for the treatment of diabetes, anemia, ocular and oral disorders, cardiovascular and skin diseases.


Save Royal jelly is stored in glass or plastic jars, dark and opaque, well filled and closed, so as not to come into contact with air and light.

Royal jelly under these conditions in the maintenance of the refrigerator, retains its biological properties for at least 8 months, while when placed in the freezer at temperatures of -18 oC it retains for 15 months.

The quantity is limited that is collected every year and you must first contact the beekeeper for the quantity you want.