Bee wax

The wax is produced by the wax glands of the bee and they use it to make honeycombs. The wax is produced by the young bees after fermentation and mixing with the secretions of the salivary glands. The beeswax that bees use to cover mature honey contains antibiotics that help preserve and mature the honey. It is produced by melting honeycombs and peels during harvest.


The most important use of bee wax is at the cosmetic industry. Many antiperspirants and sticks contain bee wax.

It is also used in local anesthetics, in air fresheners in toothpastes , in sunscreens,  in shaving creams, in face and body creams, in face masks and in the preparation of the Bee Wax Cream.

The addition of bee wax to cosmetics and creams improves the quality because their consistency increases due to the reaction of wax fatty acids with stearic alcohol. One of the best uses of bee wax is in varnishers for parquet, floors, furniture and cars. It is the best material for making handmade candles  in relation to paraffin or other fats because it consists of carbon and oxygen and burns completely without leaving any residue.

Beekeepers use it to make artificial honeycomb leaves and bee wax creams.