Honey according to its plant origin differs in color, taste, aroma, density, in the pollen content , in the composition of the sugars and the organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics.

Honey receives the name of the plant from which it originates. In Greece they have identified eight (8) types of honey. Each variety has its own characteristics, which sets it apart from the others.

  • Fir Honey: Honey is derived from honey secretions, tastes good and does not crystallize.
  • Thyme Honey: Intensely aromatic honey superior in color, flavor .One of the best honey varieties exist. Crystallize up to 18 months after production.
  • Pine Honey: Honey is derived from honey secretions and is rich in minerals and vitamins and does not crystallize.
  • Orange Honey:  This honey has wonderful aroma and taste good. Crystallizes very quickly in a month from its production.
  • Sunflower honey: Honey is light yellowish and crystallizes quickly in 1 month from its production.
  • Heather Honey: Honey with high nutritional value so it is available mainly from healthy food stores. It has a characteristic odor and taste and has won many demanding consumers. Crystallizes very quickly in 1 month from its production.
  • Chestnut Honey: It has an intense aroma and a slightly bitter taste. Crystallizes slowly in about 1 year  from its production.
  • Cotton Honey: Light colored honey  and superior to hydrogen peroxide. Crystallizes in 1 month from its production.